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Meat is luxuriously tasty and there are so many dishes that we just love with meat in them! When it comes to Choosing The Right Cut Of Meat For A Stew, there are certain tips and tricks in choosing what cut to use, to make sure your stew is as delicious and tasty as could be!

Every cut of meat is different and there’s only quite a few who are experts and immediately know the perfect cut for a particular dish. Read more to find out the right cut for your stew.

Soft, Tender And Deliciousy Fresh

Choosing the right cut of meat for a stew is important to get the right texture, flavor and more importantly, keep the cost down.
Diced meat ready for your stew

When we think of a stew, we have to think Stew Meat, as there is something in particular we have to look out for. Stew meat is a phrase that is commonly used to describe the way the meat is cubed, diced or cut into chunks, ready to be cooked.

They come in a variety of different sizes, but Stew Meats all have their cooking method in common. When making a stew, we cook the meat by adding a liquid type broth to simmer in on low heat, for a long period of time. How long depends on size, quantity and of course, type of dish you are cooking.

The longer the meat is stewed in the liquid broth, the softer and more tender the meat is. Don’t forget the increased flavor, soaking up the intensity of flavours from the broth. Choosing The Right Cut Of Meat is important if we want to get the flavors just right.

The Different Cuts Of Beef for Your Stew

To be exact, there are six different cuts of meat that can be used in your stews. Each one of them taken from a different part and give a unique and new taste to the stew. The different cuts are explained below to help with choosing the right cut of meat for your stew.

The Round Cut

Round cuts of beef are generally very tough with quite a low fat content, taken from the rear legs of the cow. You will most likely be asked which type of round cut you would like. Top round or bottom round, as each is better for different stew types. The bottom round is bettter for slow cooking and is tougher than top round, but both are equally popular for stews, as they are low in cost.

The Brisket Cut

The brisket cut is taken from the breast or chest of the cow and is also low in cost. You can ask for the whole brisket for the stew, or ask specifically for either flat cut or point cut. The flat cut is less fatty and so will have a low ratio of toughness and fat content, making the point cut the better option for stews.

The Chuck Cut

The Chuck cut is taken from the shoulder and is quite the common choice, due to how tough it is and its medium fat content. This makes it the most popular cut of meat for stews. The beef chucks are only a little more expensive that the round cut and are popular for making chuck pot roasts.

Each Cut Has Its Story

choose the right cut of meat to make a stew
Raw organic meat ( beef or lamb ) on a dark slate, metal, stone or concrete background. Top view with copy space.

The Oxtail Cut

The Oxtail Cut is a very tough cut of meat taken from the tail of the cow. Cost wise, they are quite expensive because they are not commonly available. Their very high fat content and the gelatine for the bone make them absolutely delicious.

The Sirloin Cut

The Sirloin Cut is taken from the back of the cow and is slightly more expensive than other types of meat cuts. In terms of their toughness and their fat content, they fall somewhere in between a chuck and round cut.

Bone-in Short Rib Cut

The Short Rib Cut are from the underbelly of the cow and is sold with the bones left inside. They are quite expensive but they have a good balance of toughness and fat, and are very rich in flavor.

The Right Cut Makes All The Difference

When it comes to making a stew, you need to know what to look out for when choosing the right cut of meat for your stew.
Season and salt as you please

Why Toughness Makes All The Difference in The Right Cut Of Meat?

The different cuts of meat are particular to the type of stew being made, and how tough the piece of meat is, making some more popular than others. Collagen is found inside the muscle of the meat, and how much collagen is found links directly to how much that muscle is used.

Collagen is really tough and gives the meat its toughness. When cooked long enough, the tough meat transforms into such a meltingly soft gelatin, giving the piece of meat its moist and tender texture, making your stew delicious as ever.

It is the softened gelatin that seeps into the liquid of the stew, filling it with such exquisite flavour, increasing its viscosity and giving it such a rich body.

What To Look For When Choosing The Right Cut Of Meat For A Stew?

A chuck cut is relatively cheap but comes with good flavour due to its connective tissue and fat. One thing to look out for, because it is made up of different muscles, its hard to get the cuts the same. Pieces will be irregular, some leaner, some fattier, some tenderer and some tougher.

If you are looking for meat that is consistent in both texture and flavor, Bone-in Short Rib Cut is the way to go. This does come with a high price to consider.

A Sirloin Cut would be the ideal choice if you love a deep beefy flavor and dont mind chewing a little more.

With extra time on your hands, the flavor of an Oxtail Cut is hard to beat, delivering the softened gelatin to your stew. Allow for extra cooking time and also plenty of bone-picking work to do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best cut of meat for stew?

It all depends on what you are cooking, how much time you have and the budget you have in mind.

How do I get tender beef?

Regardless of the type of cut, to acheive a soft and tender piece of meat, this all comes down to slow roasting.

What is the best type of meat to slow cook?

The best meats to slow cook are ideally Chuck Cuts and Bone-in Short Rib Cuts.

What is the cheapest cut of meat?

The most economical cut of meat would be the Chuck Cut found around the neck or shoulder.

Am I using the right cut of beef?

When it comes to beef stew, the cheaper the meat, the better!

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