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Are you new to the world of cooking? Or have you recently begun living alone? Wondering about the Essential Cooking Tools for Beginners? Then you can probably relate to the confusion that comes with not knowing your way around the kitchen.

Whether you’re newly independent, a recent graduate, or just settling into your first apartment, every home cook has to start somewhere. Getting started with cooking can be challenging, so here is a list of the Essential Cooking Tools for Beginners to prepare you for the journey.

All you have to do is look for kitchen tools and gadgets that will make your time in the kitchen easier and less stressful.

Start Your Cooking Journey

Kitchen utensils: pans, knives, rolling pin, spoons, whisk, colander, cutting board, ladle, peeler, bowls, isolated on white background.
Necessary kitchen utensils

  Cooking with the right tools will make your life so much easier. Although the kitchen world is constantly releasing sleek, trendy, and exciting kitchen gadgets, that doesn’t mean you have to buy them all to be able to cook well. In fact, only the most basic tools are required to begin cooking delicious meals.

Continue reading for some of our favorite cooking tools for beginners, ranging from gadgets you didn’t know you needed to must-haves you didn’t even know existed. Every product in this blog is intended to improve your time in the kitchen, whether it’s to speed up the cooking process or to reduce manual labor.

Cooking Tools for beginners

Non-stick Frying Pan

It is essential to have a non-stick pan in every household for breakfast duty since eggs and pancakes are best cooked on non-stick surfaces. It’s also a super versatile pan that you can use to sear meat, sauté vegetables, and make sauces. Just make sure you use non-abrasive tools on the surface. 

Sauce Pan

A saucepan is ideal for cooking with liquids, such as boiling pasta and vegetables or simmering sauces and beans. A 4-quart saucepan is easy to maneuver and handle, and it works well whether you’re cooking for one or four people.

Stock Pot

Having a 12-quart stock pot around will be useful for making large batches of soup, stew, and pasta. Its base distributes heat evenly, so your soups will cook evenly.

Sheet Pans

These pans can be used for a variety of tasks, such as roasting vegetables, baking meats, toasting nuts, and, of course, baking cookies.

Build Your Kitchen From Scratch

Close-Up Shot of Stainless Steel Pots and Pans in a Wooden Drawer in a Trendy Kitchen
Do it right, you need this stock

Glass Baking Dishes

Glass baking dishes are ideal for using in the oven to bake casseroles and enchiladas. Because it is microwave-safe, an 8-inch size can fit into a microwave for pre-cooking vegetables for the quick microwave and sauté cooking method, or even to fully cook vegetables when your oven and stove are both occupied.



If you’re going to cook, you’re going to need a knife. If you can only afford and store one knife, get a chef’s knife. You’ll be using this knife for 90% of your food prep, so get a good one and take care of it.

However, we recommend getting a serrated knife and a paring knife as well because they serve different purposes – serrated knives are great for slicing through tomatoes and bread with ease, and paring knives are great for smaller, more delicate jobs where a big knife just won’t do.

You will also need a bread Knife which is ideal for slicing through the crust and crumb of a loaf of bread without crushing it or tearing it into pieces.

Measuring Spoons

Even if you prefer to eyeball ingredients, having a set of measuring spoons on hand is handy when you need precise measurements.

Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are essential for bakers, but they’re also useful for everyday cooking. It’s good to keep a 4-piece set on hand for measuring dry ingredients and small amounts of liquid.

No Excess Ingredients Anymore

measuring spoons and cups for cooking
Accurate Measurement

Prep Bowls in Every Size

Mixing bowls are useful for a variety of tasks, including mixing wet and dry ingredients, making dough, and preparing salads. It is recommended that you have at least five mixing bowls. These should come in a variety of sizes, so you’ll be ready for whatever your recipe requires.

Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons are non-abrasive to your cooking surfaces and will last a lifetime. Just make sure you don’t put them in the dishwasher! Choose a set with a variety of wooden spoons that you can use it for a variety of cooking tasks.

A Peeler

When you’re setting up your kitchen with essentials, make sure you have a good, sharp peeler to remove vegetable peels, shave off cheese, or make veggie ribbons.

A Whisk

 While chopsticks and forks can be useful for emulsifying vinegars and oils, whisks are faster and more efficient. We make vinaigrettes and marinades almost every night, so a whisk comes in handy!  

A Colander

A heavy-duty colander is essential in every kitchen for draining boiled pasta and vegetables. It can also be used to drain canned beans and freshly washed vegetables.

A Cutting Board

A good cutting board is one of the most basic kitchen tools you’ll ever need. You’ll be using it every time you cook (just like your chef’s knife), so it should be durable and well-designed.

A Ladle

A ladle is essential to transport any liquid-adjacent meal from the pot to your bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What tool is considered the cooks best friend?

A chef’s best friend is a good knife. Investing in this is one of the few things you will not regret.

What is the difference between kitchen tools and kitchen equipment?

A kitchen tool is anything you can handle in your hand. Kitchen utensils are portable, so they may be categorized as kitchen tools. On the other hand, the term kitchen equipment refers to anything that requires electricity to operate in the kitchen.

What is meant by basic kitchen essentials?

Basic kitchen utensils are everything you need to simmer, boil, braise, sear, fry, mix, measure, pour, whisk, chop, cut, stir, or strain.

You’re Precise, You’re Responsible

Kitchen scale with flour on white wooden table.
How much you’re consuming?

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