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Baking soda is a common ingredient in the kitchen and has so many different uses, for both foods and desserts. Not only does it tick a lot of boxes when it comes to food, but it also has such a wide variety of uses in so many different areas. Read more to find out about the Different Uses Of Baking Soda.

Baking soda is also known as Sodium Bicarbonate, a common staple in your pantry as well as your bedroom cupboard!

Where Do You Keep Your Jar?

Baking Soda in a mason jar and has so many different uses, not just in the kitchen, but in so many different areas in everyday life.
Baking soda is essential in so many ways!

Baking Soda is such an amazing household essential that can do so much more than just help baked goods rise! It can be used in so many different ways all around the house, by anyone and everyone, in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

This staple ingredient is very common in most households, ready for baking a cake, making bread, or even just left open in the fridge to remove any bad odors. Yes, it does that! It can be used in so many ways to keep things clean, shiny, and smelling great.

Keep reading to find out in exacty how many ways baking soda can be used in everyday chores, saving you both time and money!

Baking Soda In The Kitchen


If you ask anyone what baking soda is and what it can be used for, I can almost guarantee the first answer will be to bake a cake or make bread, which is very true!

Baking soda is a common ingredient in cakes, muffins, and cookies, lending them a light, fluffy texture and the perfect rise. It is also used in bread, where it helps the dough rise.

A Kitchen Cleaner

Baking Soda is so versatile and is the perfect ingredient in cleaning products. When mixed with an acid such as lemon juice or vinegar, both commonly found in your pantry, it creates a combination that controls unwanted bacteria or mold and can be used as a cleaning product in so many ways!

From kitchen tables to counter tops, microwaves and tiles, your homemade cleaning product is perfect to remove any stains and clogs in the kitchen, as well as keep your silver clean and sparkling.

Your Fruits and Vegetables

When we stock up on our daily five fruits and vegetables, we tend to peel off the outer skin to remove as much pesticide and pesticide residue that has built up on the outer layer.

This means that we don’t get the beneficial nutrients that are found in the skins of many fruits such as vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Soaking the fruits and vegetables in baking soda and water removes nearly all the pesticide residue that lives on the skin, allowing you to eat in peace and take in all the benefits.

Baking Soda In Cleaning

Neutralizing Odors

Have you ever opened your fridge and noticed a bad smell lingering around? Maybe some foods or fruits have overstayed their welcome, and even after you’ve cleaned out your fridge, the smell remains? Baking soda can help in two main ways when it comes to removing a foul smell.

Fill a cup with baking soda and place it at the back of your fridge, left open. This will go one step further than just masking the smell, but completely eliminate the odor particles.

Baking soda can also be mixed with a few essential oils and made into an air freshener to eliminate bad smells.

The best thing about it is that your homemade air freshener is safe and free of industrial chemicals by adding baking soda to the mix!

Your Very Own Laundry Detergent

The fact that baking soda is not expensive makes its different uses in the kitchen even better! It can be used to clean and whiten your laundry by adding it to your regular detergent. What’s better is that it actually tends to soften the water and so you may need a little less detergent when mixing in baking soda.

Who Knew Baking Soda Had So Many Uses?

Different uses of baking soda gives you everything you need to know about baking soda and its many different uses around the house.
From cupboards to floors, baking soda helps keep things clean and shiny.

Baking Soda In Your Household

Oral Hygiene

Baking Soda can actually be used as a replacement for mouthwash and is a great addition to your oral hygiene routine, cleaning your teeth, your gums, the tongue and reaching all areas in your mouth. It also helps freshen your breath by controlling bacteria growth.


A natural deodorant is the better type of deodorant to use and baking soda is exactly that! Its alkaline base can be used to neutralise acidic odors, eliminating the smell of sweat.

Whitening Your Teeth

Many of the available toothpaste you find at the store contain baking soda to help whiten your teeth in addition to removing plaque.

Deodorizer for your Shoes

After a long day of work or after leaving your shoes stored in a cupboard for long periods of time, they may become quite smelly. Baking soda can be used as a great remedy for freshening them up! It helps to eliminate any odors lingering around from your shoes.

Baking Soda on Holiday

By simply adding a little baking soda to your bath, you can relieve any sunburn or itchy skin, allowing you to enjoy your well deserved break without any pain!

Also, when mixed with water, this can create a paste to be applied onto insect bites and burns for instant relief! Don’t forget your baking soda when packing your suitcase!

Baking Soda, Not Just for Baking

There are so many different uses of baking soda, its hard to keep track! From baking, to cleaning, to keep things fresh.
You need to have baking soda in your pantry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is baking soda safe to use?

Yes! Baking soda is so effective on tough stains but so gently, and so can be used on a variety of surfaces, including your skin!

Why is baking soda so important?

Baking soda can be used as an ingredient in baking, a deodorizor, a soother and a cleanser, all in one.

How long does baking soda last?

If unopened, baking soda can last up to 2 years in your cupboard. Once opened, it is best used within 6 months.

What does baking soda best react with?

It best reacts with acidic ingredients such as lemon juice, vinegar, honey, or even chocolate! This is what produces carbon dioxide gas and allows for the fluffy rise.

How does baking soda actually clean?

Baking Soda is an alkaline and can cause dirt and grease to dissolve easily.

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