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Sick of all the torturing trips to your backyard bin to take out smelly and leaky bags of trash? Well, the Lomi Composter by Pela might just be the answer to all your prayers!

From usage to pros and cons, here’s everything you need to know about the the new countertop kitchen composter!

Lomi Composter by Pela

The Lomi composter by Pela is counter friendly and measures 16 inches wide by 12 inches high
Thinking of upgrading your household appliances?

I try to make eco-conscious decisions wherever and whenever possible while cooking. I know I am not perfect but I do try and now having Lomi, it really has made it a lot easier for me.

Whether it is through storing leftovers and food like carrots, spinach, lettuce, lemon and lime, or even celery, or dipping my kitchen waste in a composter, saving the earth and reducing climate change, one green step at a time for future generations, is always worth the time, money, and effort!

You can shop for a Lomi Composter through this link!

What is Lomi?

Lomi is one of the new countertop kitchen electric composters by Pela. It breaks down food scraps and kitchen wastes using oxygen, heat, and abrasion, and turns them into odorless organic waste (soil-like fragments) with a touch of a button!

Additionally, this composter is quite similar to how worms and microbes work, minus the smell, mess, and well…worms. It does a great job of taking the dirty work out of your hands, and jump-starting the composting process!

Why Do You Even Need One?

Let’s talk composting 101!

Food waste doesn’t always properly break down in landfills, since these ecosystems don’t have enough oxygen and light for a normal biodegrading process. They start emitting greenhouse gasses, causing climate change.

That is why composting food scraps is always great for the environment.

Maintaining a compost pile, the traditional way, is done in open-air piles that is regularly watered and turned with a shovel for oxygen and equally distributed heat.

However, and sadly enough, not everyone can, or has the means, to maintain a backyard compost pile.

Enter Lomi! The solution to all your concerns

Save the Earth, One Green Decision at a Time!

Drop trash of many kinds like food, yard waste, or leftovers in the new Lomi composter.
Let’s set an example for generations to come!

What is it Made of?

Here’s a breakdown of what you are signing yourself up for.

The Lomi Pod is made of a heat-resistant, stainless steel bin with a handle, and two refillable containers for carbon filters.

The activated carbon removes gases, traps moisture, reduces the rot odor, and filters hydrocarbons and pollutants from the air.

How to Use?

Don’t worry about complex instructions, rest assured that the process is pretty easy.

Simply, open the Lomi pod, dump your kitchen scraps inside the compost bucket, press a single button, and your job is done! Now it is Lomi’s time to work its magic!

The time of the process and what comes out of it depends on which composting cycle you chose.

You can drop the dirt in your indoor plants, outdoor garden, or the green bin (depending on the cycle).

80% of Your Food Waste Goes Into Lomi!

The lomi composter transforms 80% of your food and kitchen waste into dirt for your garden or green bin with a single button
No more leaky smelly trash bags!

What Can and Can’t Go Into The Lomi Countertop Composter

I am going to need your full attention here because, as it seems, you can not drop anything and everything in the Lomi Composter!

Pela Approved

  • fruits and vegetables
  • bread
  • eggshells
  • rinds and peels
  • coffee grounds
  • grains
  • meat scarps
  • soft bones
  • houseplant trimming (yard waste)
  • Lomi approved bioplastics, paper products, and packaging.

Make sure you carefully read and follow the Lomi guidelines for individual items.

What to Avoid

  • Dairy products (cheese, milk, yogurts, etc)
  • wax or glossy paper
  • hard bones
  • diapers
  • animal feces
  • chemical-treated yard trimming

Let’s Make Eco-Conscious Decisions!

The lomi composter can easily fit on your kitchen counter and is suitable to handle animal products, yard waste, bread, fruits and vegetables, and lomi approved products and packaging.
Turn your trash into organic waste!

Lomi Composter: Pros And Cons


Aside from the fact that it is super easy to use, the Lomi Composter is odor-free and makes cleaning after family dinners 50% faster! No more taking out smelling leaking bags of trash! LOL!

In addition, it does not only reduce your carbon footprint by sending less food waste to landfill, but it also provides you with consistent supplies of healthy dirt for your garden.

Finally, Lomi is super hygienic, easy to use, and can process what most drop-off centers don’t, such as meat, grains, soft bones, bioplastics, and much more!


On this side of the coin, it is important to note that Lomi is loud (the frequent beeping can get tiresome at some point), and has a large footprint which makes it quite difficult to store especially in small kitchens.

Also, the Lomi machine comes with a heavy price tag, because this thing is not cheap. It costs almost 500$, which may not be in the cards for everyone; and consumes electricity to operate (unlike a natural composting process that needs heat from the sun)

Oh! Keep in mind that the Lomi pods and charcoal that comes with the composter are limited; more will have to be purchased at an additional cost.

Check out more details regarding that here!

Save Time Wasted on Cleaning Duty!

80% of your kitchen and food waste can go into lomi like eggshells, fruits and vegetables, and soft bones.
Check out the list of everything that is Pela approved before you use Lomi!

What Comes Out

It is quite interesting to know, in details, how you are investing your money. Here’s a breakdown of what comes out of Lomi after it runs its cycle.

So basically, Lomi has 3 different operating modes: Eco Mode, Grow Mode, and the Lomi-approved Mode; and the end product mainly depends on what cycle you chose.

Eco-Express Mode

This cycle is the fastest way to get the desired end-product; and the finished compost is suitable to drop in a compost pile or green waste bin.

However, it is not meant for indoor plants, since the pile hasn’t been broken down properly and doesn’t contain enough microbes.

The Eco Mode welcomes easy compost scraps like fruits and veggies and houseplant/yard waste. The process usually takes about 3-5 hours.

Grow Mode

The Lomi grow mode is the longest cycle out of the three. It is more appropriate for your houseplants (and the compost pile/green waste bin). It is an energy-intensive mode that uses a Lomi Pod (compost probiotic) and creates nutrient-rich dirt.

The cycle runs for a long time, with a process that lasts almost a full day (up to 24 hours).

Lomi-Approved Mode

This is a cycle of 5-8 hours, and is meant for Pela-approved paper products, bioplastics, and compostable packaging (e.g. takeaway cutlery); in addition to food and organic waste .

Use the end-result for your green waste bin or household garbage.

Tips to Consider

Tip 1: Manufacturers of Lomi are still pretty torn about whether it is okay to compost meat in Lomi. But just to stay on the safe side, I would suggest you refrain from dropping meat into the machine.

Tip 2: Using the Lomi-Approved mode once a week is more than enough. Meanwhile, focus on the quick processes that satisfy your immediate needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the compost?

Well, this depends on which mode you are using. If you use the grow mode, then the compost can be used in gardens or houseplants. Using Eco Express results in compost for green bins.

Is Lomi noisy?

When it comes to the actual grinding, that is pretty easy to ignore. However, some people complained about the constant loud beeping when you open or close the unit, press a button, or even when it finishes its cycle.

Does Lomi consume a lot of energy?

As far as it goes, this appliance has a net positive impact. It uses 0.6-1.0 kWh of electricity per cycle, which is considerably less than most kitchen appliances.

Get Dirt in 12 or Less Hours!

Lomi composter produces different end-products depending on which cycle you chose.
Jump start the composting process with the Lomi Composter by Pela!

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