Lebanese Spinach Pies-Fatayer

Delicious warm seasoned spinach pies are absolutely amazing as a snack or appetizer!  They are easier to make than you think! Your whole family will enjoy these popular Lebanese spinach filled pies!

Start by making your dough!

 Mix warm water, yeast, sugar or honey in a medium bowl. Once mixed, add in the flour and knead until well combined and sticky.

Now add in the olive oil and continue kneading until a smooth soft dough has formed.  Form into a ball, cover with a kitchen towel, and set aside while you prepare the spinach filling.

Now for the spinach filling...

Chop the whole bag of baby spinach, large cuts are fine, and add to a medium sized bowl.

Add in the cubed onions, sumac, salt, lemon or citric acid, kamooni or cumin, and olive oil. Mix Very well. 

Form 2 inch sized dough balls.  Using your hands spread into a round shape, add a spoonful of the spinach mix and add to the center of the round spread dough.

Pinch any open ends to form the points of the triangle.  Flip the spinach pie so that side is facing down and the smooth side is facing up.

Place Spinach pie onto a sprayed baking sheet, where the smooth size is up and the folded ends are facing down to the baking sheet.

Bake for 12-13 minutes, then broil of high heat until slightly golden on top. Enjoy warm or cold!