Warbat Bil Ashta (Shaabiyat)

Shaabiyat are made of crispy, dreamy, sweet, and delicious layers and layers of phyllo dough filled with a traditional homemade Lebanese Ashta cream filling and finished with a rose-water syrup.


For the warbat

Ashta/ Cream 

phyllo dough  butter or coconut oil  ground pistachios  simple syrup  ashta 

ricotta cheese whole milk or heavy cream cornstarch rose water sugar

Remove one roll, roll it out and keep the plastic wrap under it. Split the 24 sheets in half.  

Before cutting the phyllo, placed it on the plastic wrap it was rolled in, length wise (rectangular). Pour butter or coconut oil all over and around the phyllo sheets, then using the plastic wrap, fold it in and allow to soak.

Roll back out and begin cutting. Cut starting from the bottom to the top (vertically), 4 inches apart.

Cut once horizontally (from left to right) half way for bigger sized warbat like mine.  Or, cut 2 horizontal cuts from left to right about 4 inches apart for traditional smaller warbat 

Take one square stack of phyllo and quickly dip it into the melted butter or coconut oil  Fil the center with  ashta and close to make a triangle by folding one middle corner to meet the adjacent middle corner.

Bake for about 25-30 minutes until golden. Broil if needed until golden. Remove them from the oven then drizzle to drench with simple syrup.

Garnish with ground unsalted pistachios and crushed rose petals if you prefer.  Enjoy warm!