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You all remember how Popeye the Sailor Man could get his strength from spinach, right? Well, you should be able to as well, because this leafy vegetable is regarded as a superfood. Spinach is known for its high nutrient content and low calorie content. It is a great addition to breakfast, snacks, smoothies, and appetizers, as well as main dishes.

If you’ve bought a big amount of spinach and looking for a way to store it so that it lasts fresh for as long as possible, look no further! Here you’ll find the best tips and tricks for storing spinach to maintain the freshness of its soft green leaves.

Soft Green Spinach Leaves

These spinach leaves are still so fresh and green for 13 days after storing in the refrigerator.
Keep your spinach leaves crisp and soft!

Spinach: The Perfect Superfood!

Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) is a green leafy vegetable native to Persia. It is both nutritious and delicious, making it a perfect leafy green. It is a member of the amaranth family, which includes beets and quinoa.

Spinach is an amazing superfood, which means that it is full of vital nutrients that can help you stay healthy. Add spinach to pastas, smoothies, and snacks and use it to make spinach pies for a boost of vitamins A, C, E, and K.

It is low in carbs but high in insoluble fiber. This type of fiber may benefit your digestion.

Because spinach is such a versatile and healthy ingredient, it can easily be purchased in bulk. A lot of spinach is healthy, but you may have difficulty keeping it fresh enough to eat it all.

As long as you use proper purchasing and storage techniques, you will always be able to have fresh, tasty spinach.

Uses of Spinach

Spinach can be eaten raw as a salad green, cooked as a vegetable dish, or combined with other ingredients as a side dish. It is also dried, chopped into small pieces, and mixed with other ingredients to make a food seasoning.

Spinach is also used to make smoothies, stews, pies (fatayer), soups, salads, and pasta dishes.

Storing Spinach

Fresh spinach stays good for up to one week. There are many different ways to store fresh spinach to keep its nutrients and flavor.

For Storing Spinach You Will Need

  • Spinach
  • Paper towel
  • An airtight container

Try This Way To Store Spinach!

After adding the spinach on top of the paper towels, press them well
Best way to store spinach to keep it fresh longer!

How to Store Fresh Spinach

To store fresh spinach, follow these easy instructions:

First, use pre-washed spinach.

Then, lay paper towels that are double folded.

Lay paper towels that are double folded in the bottom of the airtight container.
So, this is the first step of storing spinach!

Next, place the spinach on top.

After, add another layer of paper towel, and add more spinach.

Finally, cover with more paper towel in an airtight container.

cover with more paper towel in an airtight container and close the container
And that is how to finish the steps of storing spinach leaves!

The spinach leaves were still so fresh for 13 days of storing in the refrigerator.

One month later, I rechecked the spinach. I couldn’t believe they were still as they were when I first stored them: fresh, crisp, and soft! This is the best way to store spinach leaves!

After 13 Days!

after 13 days of storing spinach leaves in the refrigerator, they still so fresh, soft, and green
Still so fresh!

Another Way to Store Fresh Spinach

First, empty the fresh spinach into a big bowl.

Second, place a paper towel at the bottom of the original container that you purchased the spinach in.

Then, layer some spinach.

After that, divide the slice of bread into two slices and layer it on top of the spinach leaves.

Now, add more spinach leaves, and repeat with the same above-mentioned steps.

Then, top off with the remaining spinach, and place the second paper towel on the top.

Finally, close the lid, and refrigerate it.

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These leaves still so fresh and green for 13 days of storing in the refrigerator, and you can use them for any recipe you want
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One More Way to Store Fresh Spinach

First, cut long stems from the spinach leaves.

Second, rinse the spinach leaves under cold running water to remove all the dirt and sand.

Now, in a large bowl, submerge the spinach and water even if they are wilted to help keep them fresh and to liven them up. Let the spinach leaves to soak for 10 minutes to allow the remaining dirt and sand to settle at the bottom of the pot.

After that, pick up the spinach leaves of the cold water by hand, and place the spinach leaves in a colander.

Then, place the spinach leaves on dry paper towels to air dry for about one hour.

Finally, roll the spinach leaves in a dry paper towels, place them in a plastic bag for storage, and store spinach in the refrigerator.

Note: Osmosis is what causes the spinach to remain fresh.

Storing Spinach is So Easy!

The spinach leaves kept their freshness and green color even after 13 days of storing in the refrigerator
Looking so fresh and soft!

Tips and Tricks

  • When purchasing spinach, look for spinach with green, crisp leaves. It should appear as if it were just picked, firm, and un-wilted.
  • Discard any spinach that has visible blemishes or rot, or if its leaves have yellowed or browned. 
  • Avoid storing spinach in plastic bags because excessive moist will cause the leaves to rot.
  • Before using spinach, refresh it by placing stored spinach in an ice water bowl for a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does spinach last?

Fresh spinach lasts good for up to a week.

Why spinach goes bad so quickly?

Due to the high moisture content, spinach goes bad so quickly.

How to store cooked spinach?

To store cooked spinach, first allow it to cool to room temperature. Then place cooked spinach in an airtight storage container. It lasts for 3-5 days in the refrigerator.

Can spinach be frozen?

Yes, for sure! If you want to keep it for more than a week, you can freeze spinach whatever it is fresh or puréed.

How to freeze fresh spinach?

To freeze fresh spinach, place the whole spinach leaves in a freezer bags and make sure that you remove all the excess air before sealing them tightly.

How long does fresh spinach last in the freezer?

It lasts for up to one year.

How to freeze puréed spinach?

To freeze puréed spinach, whip the whole spinach leaves in the blender with a bit of water. Freeze the puréed spinach in ice cube trays for one year.

Keep Spinach Fresh

The leaves look so fresh and ready to use for cooking or making any delicious recipe
A delicious main ingredient for many types of dishes!

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How to Store Spinach For One Month?

By: Lama
To store fresh spinach, follow these easy instructions to keep it maintain the freshness of its leaves.


  • 1 pound Spinach
  • Paper towel
  • Airtight container


  • Use pre-washed spinach.
  • Lay paper towels that are double folded.
  • Place the spinach on top.
  • Add another layer of paper towel, and add more spinach.
  • Cover with more paper towel in an airtight container.


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