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Is brown sugar better than white sugar? A lot has been said and written about the negative effects of regularly consuming white sugar. All of this bad publicity has made its darker cousin, brown sugar, look so much better in comparison, but is it really better?

Read more to find out more about what type of sugar you can use for specific types of recipes. Some recipes need white sugar, while others need brown sugar. The answers are here for you, scroll down!

Brown Sugar or White Sugar?

Cubes of white and brown sugar mixed with granulated form of the same kinds of sugar.
Are you confused which sugar to use?

What is White Sugar?

White sugar is made from sugar cane. Sugar cane contains the juice that will be extracted and used to produce white sugar. The juice extracted is filtered to remove all the remnants that might have gotten in the juice.

After that, the sugar crystallizes to form the sugar granules that we use. The level of how much sugar is processed depends on the process the factory uses.

 What is Brown Sugar?

Brown sugar is another type of sugar that uses molasses in its production. The molasses makes the brown sugar darker in color. It also makes the flavor caramel-like and richer.

What is the Difference Between Brown Sugar and White Sugar?

The two types of sugar are different on two levels. They both differ in taste. White sugar has a sweet taste, while brown sugar since it contains molasses has a caramel-like flavor.

Another difference is the color. White sugar, as the name indicates, is white and brown sugar is brown.

Sticky Sweet

Brown sugar presented in a spoon surrounded by cubes of brown sugar.
Look at the attractive golden color!

What Kinds of Recipes Works Well with Brown Sugar and White Sugar?

Due to the differences in color and taste, these types of sugar work with different kinds of recipes. For a caramel-added flavor, brown sugar goes well with chocolate cakes.

Brown sugar adds more flavor to it. It also goes well with cookies, especially cinnamon buns. Chocolate and caramel flavors work so well together.

White sugar, on the other hand, works with sweeter kinds of recipes. This can include white chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, and sweet baked goods. For sponge cakes and sponge cakes, you should use white sugar rather than brown sugar.

You can see that the great thing about brown sugar is that it can be caramelized using heat to make great toppings for your apple cake. You can add it as a filling to cinnamon rolls.

What About Powdered Sugar?

Powdered sugar is white sugar that has been ground into fine powder. It is commonly used in icings or whipped creams. It is easy to blend with ingredients than regular crystal white sugar.

Is There a Nutritional Value in White or Brown Sugar?

There is no added nutritional value to these two types of sugars. They add calories to your diet in the form of carbohydrates. They should be limited as a part of a healthy diet.

Is the glycemic index of White and Brown Sugar the Same?

The glycemic index is a measurement of the effect of food on blood sugars. Different kinds of foods raise blood sugar differently. Both white and brown sugar have the same glycemic index. This means it is even considered on the medium level in terms of the glycemic index.

You should generally choose foods that are low in glycemic index. These types of foods are less likely to spike your blood sugar. There are certain fruits, vegetables, and legumes that have a low glycemic index. Keep in mind a healthy balanced diet is beneficial to your health.

White As Snow!

A spoonful of white sugar and some sugar cubes
Irresistible white crystals!

Quick Summary

White sugar contains fewer minerals than brown sugar.

Brown sugar contains molasses which gives it both the color and caramel taste.

Different recipes use specific kinds of sugar. Sweeter recipes like sponge cakes require white sugar. While more indulgent recipes containing chocolate require brown sugar.

The glycemic index for both types of sugar is the same.

You should limit the sugar intake in your daily diet.

Powdered sugar is considered white sugar.

There is no added nutritional value to sugar. They do not contain enough nutrients that the body needs.

The bottom line, the two types of sugar have different purposes and uses. However, it is better to limit the daily intake of sugar. It is not considered the healthiest sweetener to have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is brown sugar better than white sugar?

The answer is no; both types of sugar should not be consumed in excess. While brown sugar contains more minerals than white sugar, it does not provide any nutritional value.

Can I make my own brown sugar at home?

Yes, you can. Making brown sugar at home is not a complicated matter. You just need two ingredients, molasses, and white sugar. Mix these two together and rub them with your fingertips to provide maximum coverage.

Can I make a sauce with brown sugar?

You can make a sauce to marinate chicken or meat. This makes the meat have a golden color after cooking. It also makes it sweeter and tastier.

What is a healthy substitute for sugar?

A great and healthy substitute for sugar is honey. The kind that is natural without any added sugar to it. It is considered a healthy alternative to sugar and can be incorporated into sweets and baking goods.

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Brown Sugar vs White Sugar

By: Lama
Brown and white sugar are two types of sugar that can be used for making delicius sweets.


  • Brown sugar
  • White Sugar


What you can make with white sugar:

  • Sponge cake
  • Fruit cake
  • Whipping cream
  • Icing
  • Sweet pasteries

What you can make with brown sugar:

  • Chocolate cake
  • Cookies
  • Cinnamon rolls
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