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To all my fitness lovers and those who are looking for a healthier lifestyle out there, I will share with you the Top 10 Best Sugar Substitutes that you can use for baking, smoothies, and beyond!

I know that your health is your priority, and your daily sugar intake is always under control! You are heroes in a world full of sugary foods like chocolate, ice cream, candies, pies, cakes, soft drinks, and more!

Replace Guilt and Sugar with Health Benefits and Natural Sweeteners!

Sugar alternatives like honey, stevia, and brown sugar
Take your decision and use a healthier option!

What Is Refined Sugar?

Refined sugar includes sugars added in the food-making process to give a sweet addictive taste. Once you take a bite, your body will ask for more and more. Even if it comes from natural resources, once refined only sugar remains.

Recently, there has been an increasing awareness here in the United States to consume less refined sugar or at least control the daily sugar intake by looking for healthier sugar substitutes.

Consuming large quantities of sugar, especially fructose, worsens health. It may lead to insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and more. Large amounts of added sugar have been also associated with several health problems, like diabetes and heart disease.

How much sugar is safe per day? Well, it is hard to figure this one out. Some may say that small amounts are fine, while others tend to avoid it completely. So, it is better to opt for healthier alternatives to regular sugar which are natural sweeteners.

Protect Your Health!

Seeking a healthy lifestyle is not an easy task. Still, it should be a top priority. One main concern is looking for ways to replace refined sugar with healthier sugar substitutes.

The consumption of sugar in large quantities could be detrimental to your health. Although it is hard to cut down on your daily refined sugar intake, it is worth every effort. Fortunately, healthy sugar alternatives are readily available in grocery stores and supermarkets.

Alternative Sweeteners are a great option as they provide lower calorie intake, reduce blood glucose levels, and help you to manage your weight. So, swap your normal sugar for a healthier sweetener. And trust me, you will feel good about your healthy choices.

Top 10 Best Sugar Substitutes

Well, if you want to indulge your sweet tooth, but you don’t want to jeopardize your health, I have exactly what you are looking for.

You can make awesome sugarless recipes with natural sugar alternatives. Some sugar substitutes may have zero calories, while others have lower calorie than table sugar. Here are some suggestions that are worth trying.

Xylitol is a great sugar alternative, but you can also use any sugar alcohol, honey, maple syrup, agave syrup, stevia, Monk fruit, Yacon syrup, blackstrap molasses, dates, and applesauce.

Let’s Change the Rules and Use Sugar Alternatives!

There are many sugar substitutes like honey, stevia leaves, brown sugar, and others.
A variety of sweeteners is available to fit your recipes.

Sugar Alcohols

My favorite natural sweetener from the sugar alcohol family is xylitol. Sugar alcohols are neither sugar nor alcohol. They are a type of carbohydrate found in fruits and vegetables.

Xylitol is a smart option when it comes to sugar alternatives. For instance, it is not fermented in the mouth, which means it does not cause tooth decay as regular sugar does. Moreover, according to Healthline, sugar alcohols have fewer calories and do not affect blood sugar levels as regular sugar does.

If you exceed the acceptable daily intake of sugar alcohols, you may suffer from some side effects, like gases or other digestive issues.


Honey is very famous all around the world. It is an excellent alternative to sugar. In fact, raw honey is sweeter than sugar, so you can use less and still sweeten up your favorite snacks.

Raw honey has several healthy nutrients that boost the immune system. Drizzle some into your tea or on top of your pancakes, and enjoy the sweetness guilt-free! It is also perfect for oats, milk, smoothies, and more.

Pure maple syrup

Maple Syrup is extracted from the sap of the maple tree. So, it is a plant-based sweetener. It is a perfect sugar substitute. It has a runny and sticky consistency with a light sweet taste.

Pure maple syrup has lower calories than honey, yet it is rich in antioxidants. It is versatile. You can use it while making ice cream, pancakes, or waffles. Some may add it when they cook sweet potatoes to get extra flavor.

Agave Nectar

Agave Nectar is another plant-based sweetener extracted from the blue agave plant. It has a sweet taste similar to honey. Another great characteristic is that it has a low glycemic index.

It is a perfect vegan alternative sweetener in case you do not want to use honey. You can use it to sweeten cold drinks like iced tea. You can drizzle some agave syrup on top of pancakes and French toast, too.

Sugar alternatives that bake and taste just like sugar

A variety of sugar alternatives like honey, stevia leaves, dates, and others are available for your recipes.
Various replacements for sugar! Choose your favorite!


Derived from the leaves of the American shrub Stevia rebaudiana, stevia is a natural sugar substitute. It is extracted from Steviol Glycosides. It is a better option if you are diabetic or watching your weight gain.

Stevia is a zero-calorie sweetener. What makes it even better is that it is around 450 times sweeter than white sugar. In other words, it’s perfect to promote weight loss and reduce blood sugar levels.

You might be a bit wary when using stevia because it may have a slightly bitter taste at the end.

Monk Fruit Extract

Monk Fruit is a small round fruit widely used in Eastern medicine. It has potent properties as a cold and digestive aid. You can add it to smoothies, cakes, oatmeal, and other desserts.

Monk fruit extract is way sweeter than table sugar, yet it has zero calories. It is safe for diabetics, and it helps regulate blood sugar levels. It is suitable for children and adults and does not cause cavities.

Yacon Syrup

Well, Yacon is a daisy that traditionally grows in South America. Yacon syrup is a thick, dark, and delicious sweetener extracted from the yacon flower.

Similar to other natural sweeteners, it has fewer calories than traditional sugar. Use it to add deliciousness to your pancakes or fruit and nuts dishes.

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses, a plant-based sweetener made of sugarcane juices, is a great option for those who have a sweet tooth but also care about their daily calorie intake.

After maximum extraction of sugar from raw sugar cane and triple boiling, blackstrap molasses is formed. It is rich in iron, calcium, and antioxidants.

Blackstrap molasses has a thick consistency, beautiful dark color, and unique flavor that makes it an amazing addition to your marinades, sauces, and dressings.


Dates are sweet chewy fruits of the date palm tree. It is not only an excellent natural sweetener, it also provides the body with several nutrients like fiber, magnesium, and potassium.

Dates are widely used in energy bars, cookies, and cakes. They can be also blended with smoothies to give them a delicious sweet taste.

Some people may turn dates into thick paste. Others may dehydrate dates and turn theses fruits into dry date powder, also called date sugar. Since dates have a low glycemic index, consuming them doesn’t affect the blood sugar levels, making them a safe choice for people with diabetes.

Apple Sauce

If you are looking for sugar substitutes but want to maintain a sweet flavor, try to swap to applesauce. Puree apples, or any other fruits like bananas, and use them to sweeten your bread, cookies, and muffins.

Applesauce has natural sugars and a sweet taste. It keeps the health benefits that fruits provide to the body. It is a good idea to stir some applesauce into dairy products like yogurt or ricotta cheese and top your plate with some nuts.

Sweetness is just a matter of taste!

Honey, pollen, stevia, and others can be used as healthy sweeteners.
Which is your favorite sweetener?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is high-fructose corn syrup a natural sweetener?

No, it is an artificial sugar made of corn syrup. It may increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Why are natural sweeteners better than artificial ones?

When you use any natural sweetener, you need less amount to add a sweet taste to your desserts, beverage, sauces, etc. Also, most natural sweeteners have additional nutritious values, like minerals and vitamins.

Is Splenda the same as Stevia?

Stevia comes from the stevia plant with steviol glycosides found in nature; however, Splenda is an artificial sucralose-based sweetener.

Bottom Line

It is true that artificial sweeteners have low or no calorie count. They are tempting for people with diabetes or those who simply want to control their body weight. Yet, they may cause some health risks on the long term.

The good news is that you can find natural sweeteners you can choose from. When you buy some sweet stuff, make sure to read the food labels to avoid harmful food additives. If possible, resort to homemade sweets and use natural sweeteners instead of using much sugar.

Popular Recipes with Natural Sweeteners

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